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SVideoOptions Struct Reference

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Options per video device.

Definition at line 18 of file VideoOptions.h.

Public Member Functions

QString GetBaseName () const
QString GetDeviceName () const
QString GetFileFormat () const
QString GetFTPPass () const
bool GetFTPPassive () const
QString GetFTPPath () const
QString GetFTPServer () const
bool GetFTPToServer () const
bool GetFTPUnique () const
QString GetFTPUser () const
int GetMaxSequence () const
QString GetNodeName () const
int GetSaveOption () const
bool GetSaveToDisk () const
int GetSequence () const
QColor GetTextColor () const
QFont GetTextFont () const
bool GetTimeInImage () const
QDomNode GetXML ()
 Returns an XML structure with the current settings.
void SetBaseName (const QString &basename)
void SetDeviceName (const QString &name)
void SetFileFormat (const QString &format)
void SetFTPPass (const QString &pass)
void SetFTPPassive (bool passive)
void SetFTPPath (const QString &path)
void SetFTPServer (const QString &server)
void SetFTPToServer (bool)
void SetFTPUnique (bool unique)
void SetFTPUser (const QString &user)
void SetMaxSequence (int)
void SetNodeName (const QString &node)
void SetSaveOption (int)
void SetSaveToDisk (bool)
void SetSequence (int)
void SetTextColor (const QString &color_name)
void SetTextColor (const QColor &color)
void SetTextFont (const QString &font_name)
void SetTextFont (const QFont &font)
void SetTimeInImage (bool)
void SetXML (const QDomElement &el)
 Parse contents of node, apply to our own tree.
 SVideoOptions (const SVideoOptions &)
 Copy constructor; makes deep copy.
 SVideoOptions (QDomDocument &doc)

Private Member Functions

void Populate (QDomDocument &doc)

Private Attributes

QDomElement Me
QDict< QDomText > Opts
QDomText * pValues

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