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#ifndef PWC_IOCTL_H
#define PWC_IOCTL_H

/* (C) 2001-2002 Nemosoft Unv.    webcam@smcc.demon.nl
   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.

   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   GNU General Public License for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
   Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

/*         This is pwc-ioctl.h belonging to PWC 8.6                        */

   2001/08/03  Alvarado   Added ioctl constants to access methods for 
                          changing white balance and red/blue gains

/* These are private ioctl() commands, specific for the Philips webcams.
   They contain functions not found in other webcams, and settings not
   specified in the Video4Linux API. 
   The #define names are built up like follows:
   VIDIOC         VIDeo IOCtl prefix
         PWC            Philps WebCam
            G           optional: Get
            S           optional: Set
             ...  the function

/* The frame rate is encoded in the video_window.flags parameter using
   the upper 16 bits, since some flags are defined nowadays. The following
   defines provide a mask and shift to filter out this value.
   In 'Snapshot' mode the camera freezes its automatic exposure and colour 
   balance controls.
#define PWC_FPS_SHIFT         16
#define PWC_FPS_MASK          0x00FF0000
#define PWC_FPS_FRMASK        0x003F0000
#define PWC_FPS_SNAPSHOT      0x00400000

struct pwc_probe
      char name[32];
      int type;

/* pwc_whitebalance.mode values */
#define PWC_WB_INDOOR         0
#define PWC_WB_OUTDOOR        1
#define PWC_WB_FL       2
#define PWC_WB_MANUAL         3
#define PWC_WB_AUTO           4

/* Used with VIDIOCPWC[SG]AWB (Auto White Balance). 
   Set mode to one of the PWC_WB_* values above.
   *red and *blue are the respective gains of these colour components inside 
   the camera; range 0..65535
   When 'mode' == PWC_WB_MANUAL, 'manual_red' and 'manual_blue' are set or read; 
   otherwise undefined.
   'read_red' and 'read_blue' are read-only.
struct pwc_whitebalance
      int mode;
      int manual_red, manual_blue;  /* R/W */
      int read_red, read_blue;      /* R/O */

   'control_speed' and 'control_delay' are used in automatic whitebalance mode,
   and tell the camera how fast it should react to changes in lighting, and 
   with how much delay. Valid values are 0..65535.
struct pwc_wb_speed
      int control_speed;
      int control_delay;


/* Used with VIDIOCPWC[SG]LED */
struct pwc_leds
      int led_on;             /* Led on-time; range = 0..25000 */
      int led_off;                  /* Led off-time; range = 0..25000  */

 /* Restore user settings */
#define VIDIOCPWCRUSER        _IO('v', 192)
 /* Save user settings */
#define VIDIOCPWCSUSER        _IO('v', 193)
 /* Restore factory settings */
#define VIDIOCPWCFACTORY      _IO('v', 194)

 /* You can manipulate the compression factor. A compression preference of 0
    means use uncompressed modes when available; 1 is low compression, 2 is
    medium and 3 is high compression preferred. Of course, the higher the
    compression, the lower the bandwidth used but more chance of artefacts
    in the image. The driver automatically chooses a higher compression when
    the preferred mode is not available.
 /* Set preferred compression quality (0 = uncompressed, 3 = highest compression) */
#define VIDIOCPWCSCQUAL       _IOW('v', 195, int)
 /* Get preferred compression quality */
#define VIDIOCPWCGCQUAL       _IOR('v', 195, int)

 /* This is a probe function; since so many devices are supported, it
    becomes difficult to include all the names in programs that want to
    check for the enhanced Philips stuff. So in stead, try this PROBE;
    it returns a structure with the original name, and the corresponding 
    Philips type.
    To use, fill the structure with zeroes, call PROBE and if that succeeds,
    compare the name with that returned from VIDIOCGCAP; they should be the
    same. If so, you can be assured it is a Philips (OEM) cam and the type
    is valid.
#define VIDIOCPWCPROBE        _IOR('v', 199, struct pwc_probe)

 /* Set AGC (Automatic Gain Control); int < 0 = auto, 0..65535 = fixed */
#define VIDIOCPWCSAGC         _IOW('v', 200, int)
 /* Get AGC; int < 0 = auto; >= 0 = fixed, range 0..65535 */
#define VIDIOCPWCGAGC         _IOR('v', 200, int)
 /* Set shutter speed; int < 0 = auto; >= 0 = fixed, range 0..65535 */
#define VIDIOCPWCSSHUTTER     _IOW('v', 201, int)

 /* Color compensation (Auto White Balance) */
#define VIDIOCPWCSAWB           _IOW('v', 202, struct pwc_whitebalance)
#define VIDIOCPWCGAWB           _IOR('v', 202, struct pwc_whitebalance)

 /* Auto WB speed */
#define VIDIOCPWCSAWBSPEED    _IOW('v', 203, struct pwc_wb_speed)
#define VIDIOCPWCGAWBSPEED    _IOR('v', 203, struct pwc_wb_speed)

 /* LEDs on/off/blink; int range 0..65535 */
#define VIDIOCPWCSLED           _IOW('v', 205, struct pwc_leds)
#define VIDIOCPWCGLED           _IOR('v', 205, struct pwc_leds)

  /* Contour (sharpness); int < 0 = auto, 0..65536 = fixed */
#define VIDIOCPWCSCONTOUR     _IOW('v', 206, int)
#define VIDIOCPWCGCONTOUR     _IOR('v', 206, int)

  /* Backlight compensation; 0 = off, otherwise on */
#define VIDIOCPWCSBACKLIGHT   _IOW('v', 207, int)
#define VIDIOCPWCGBACKLIGHT   _IOR('v', 207, int)

  /* Flickerless mode; = 0 off, otherwise on */
#define VIDIOCPWCSFLICKER     _IOW('v', 208, int)
#define VIDIOCPWCGFLICKER     _IOR('v', 208, int)  

  /* Dynamic noise reduction; 0 off, 3 = high noise reduction */
#define VIDIOCPWCSDYNNOISE    _IOW('v', 209, int)
#define VIDIOCPWCGDYNNOISE    _IOR('v', 209, int)


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