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CWebCamViewer Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class for the usual webcam activity: take pictures, save them do disk and/or upload to a server.

Definition at line 27 of file WebCamViewer.h.

Public Member Functions

 CWebCamViewer (CVideoDevice *video, const QSize &hint_size, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
virtual void showMaximized ()
 public slots

Protected Slots

void CallAdjustSize ()
 Work around for adjustSize().
void DeviceChangedSize (const QSize &size)
void DeviceError (int err_no)

Protected Member Functions

void RecalcTotalViewSize ()
 Calculate the total required viewing area, based on video image and 'last snapshot'.

Private Types

enum  {
  pbt_controls, pbt_config, pbt_showsnap, pbt_snapshot,
  pbt_timesnap, pbt_sound, pbt_MAX

Private Slots

void ClickedConfigurationDlg ()
void ClickedSettingsDlg ()
void ClickedShowLastSnapshot ()
void ClickedSoundOnOff ()
void ClickedTimeSnapDlg ()
void ConfigurationDlgClosed ()
void FTPChangeState (int command, int new_state, int result, const QString &server_msg)
void NextFTPCommand ()
void SettingsDlgClosed ()
void StartTimeSnap ()
void StopTimeSnap ()
void TakeSnapshot ()
 Takes an image from the video stream, saves it in the snapshot imagebuffer, starts FTP upload.
void TimeSnapDlgClosed ()
void TimeSnapTick ()

Private Member Functions

void StartFTPUpload (const QString &, bool)
void StopFTP ()
void TriggerNextFTPCommand ()

Private Attributes

QPixmap ButtonPix [pbt_MAX]
QToolButton * pButton [pbt_MAX]
CSnapshotSettingsDlg * pConfiguration
 Configuration dialog.
 Extra panel that shows the last snapshot.
CVideoSettingsDlg * pSettings
 Settings dialog.
QLabel * pSnapLabel
QTimer * pSnapTimer
CTimeSnapDlg * pTimeSnapDlg
enum CWebCamViewer:: { ... }  PushButtons
 The video device.
 The main image viewer.
 Our options.
QTimer * SizeTimer
 Helper timer for adjustSize().
int SnapCounter
int SnapInterval
struct {
   QList< FTPCommandStruct >   Commands
   bool   DelAfter
   bool   ErrorCondition
   QString   LocalFile
   CFTPClient *   pClient
   QString   RemoteFile
   QTime   StartTime


struct  FTPCommandStruct
 Upload data. More...

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