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QImage * CVideoDevice::GetRGB ( int  offset = 0  )  const

Get an RGB image.

offset Offset in images buffer. Retrieve pointer to an RGB image; note that this is a pointer, not a (shallow) copy. The QImage is a 32 bit deep image.
When buffering is active any of the previous images in the buffer can be retrieved. The 'offset' parameter indicates the negative offset in the (circular) list of images. When offset = 0 (the default) the latest image is returned; when offset = 1 is the previous image, offset = 2 the image before that, etc. up to the number of Buffers - 1.

If offset is outside the range a NULL pointer will be returned.

Definition at line 1422 of file VideoDevice.cc.

   if (offset < 0 || offset >= Buffers)
     return NULL;
   if (!PalRGB)
     return pNullImage;
   return RGB.at((Buffers + CurBuffer - offset) % Buffers);

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