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void CFTPClient::ListDir (  ) 

List contents of remote directory.

This command will retrieve the list of filenames of the directory on the remote server. The found files are emitted one by one through ListDirEntry(const QString &filename).

Note: make sure you set the transfer type to ASCII first.

Definition at line 1141 of file FTPClient.cc.

References Send(), SetState(), SetupDataActive(), and stFailed.

   int ret;

   CurrentCommand = cmdListDir;
   Direction = FALSE;

   if (m_Passive) {
     outputbuffer = "PASV\r\n";
     Send(); // That's all. We await the 227 response
   else {
     ret = SetupDataActive();
     if (ret < 0) {
       qDebug("CFTPClient::ListDir() SetupData() failed: %d.", ret);
       CurrentCommand = cmdNop;

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