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CCamPanel::CCamPanel ( const QString &  new_name,
const QString &  new_description,
int  panel_type,
bool  draw = TRUE,
QWidget *  parent = 0,
const char *  name = 0 
) [protected]


new_name Unique name for this kind of panel.
new_description Short description for this panel.
panel_type One of PanelTypes, sets type of this panel
draw Whether or not this panel can be drawn at all.
Initializes panel to 0-size and not visible. By making this constructor protected this class cannot be instantiated directly, but only through a subclass.

This class is derived from QWidget, with one notable difference: the WRepaintNoErase flag is set, so that we don't get annoying flicker when we update our panel (normally, a widget is erase before updated).

Definition at line 86 of file CamPanel.cc.

References Drawable, GetPropertiesDialog(), PanelType, and Usage.

      : QWidget(parent, name, Qt::WRepaintNoErase), ImgSize(0, 0), VisSize(0, 0)
   PanelType = panel_type;
   Drawable = draw;
   Name = new_name;
   Description = new_description;

   Usage = 0;

#if 0
   QDialog *dlg;
   int id;

   pMenu = new QPopupMenu();
   pMenu->insertItem("&Hide", this, SLOT(Hide()));
   dlg = GetPropertiesDialog();
   if (dlg)
     id = pMenu->insertItem("&Properties...", dlg, SLOT(show()));
   else {
     id = pMenu->insertItem("&Properties...", this, SLOT(Show())); // This is a dummy 
     pMenu->setItemEnabled(id, FALSE);
   MenuVisible = FALSE;   

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