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#include "config.h"

#include <netdb.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <sys/types.h>

#include <qsocketnotifier.h>
#include <qstring.h>

00017 class CFTPClient: public QObject
   enum Commands {
     // end of real commands


00037    enum States {
00038      stNOC,       ///< Not connected
00039      stConnecting,      ///< Busy connecting to server
00040      stConnected, ///< Server reached; awaiting response from FTP daemon
00041      stLogin,           ///< Sending username
00042      stAuthenticate,    ///< Sending password

00044      stIdle,            ///< Connected OK, but not doing anything

00046      stSendingPort,     ///< Sending PORT command to remote end
00047      stWaitData,  ///< Waiting for data connection
00048      stTransfer,  ///< Transfering data
00049      stClosingData,     ///< Waiting for 226

00051      stFailed,          ///< Failed status; can happen at every command
00052      stUnknown,         ///< Unkown or unexpected result code

   QString UserName, Password;
   struct sockaddr_in MyAddr, ServerAddress;

   int CtrlFD, ListenFD, DataFD, LocalFileFD;
   char *inputbuffer, *linebuffer, *responsebuffer;
   char LastChar;
   bool MultiLine;
   int LineLen, RespLen; // Characters in linebuffer resp. response buffer
   int Response;         // FTP response code
   bool Direction;       // false = in, true = out
   QString RemoteFileName;

   bool m_Passive;       // Are we in passive mode?
   unsigned int m_PassiveAddress;
   unsigned short m_PassivePort;

   QString outputbuffer;

   uchar *transferbuffer;
   int TBufLen, TBufTail, TBufHead, TBufUsed; // rotating buffer
   int TotalTransfered;

   QSocketNotifier *pControlPipe, *pListenPipe, *pDataPipe;

   int TransferMethod; // ASCII vs. BINARY
   States CurrentState;
   Commands CurrentCommand;

   void InitBuffers();
   void CloseAllFD();
   int SetupControl();
   void CloseControl();
   int SetupListen();
   void CloseListen();
   int SetupLocal(const QString &filename, bool write);
   void CloseFile();
   int SetupDataActive();
   int SetupDataPassive();
   void CloseData();
   void HookData();
   void SetState(States new_op, int response = -1);

   void InterpretLine();
   void InterpretResponse();

   void Send();
   void SendUser();
   void SendPass();
   void SendList();
   void SendPort(struct sockaddr_in &addr, int port);
   void SendStore(const QString &filename);

   void StartSending();
   void StartReceiving();

private slots:
   void ControlRead(int fd);
   void ListenRead(int fd);
   void DataRead(int fd);
   void DataWrite(int fd);
   void DataConnect(int fd);

   static const char *CommandStr[];
   static const char *StateStr[];   


   int GetCommand() const;
   int GetState() const;
   void SetPassive();
   void SetActive();

   void Connect(const QString &user, const QString &pass, const QString &server, int port = 21);
   void Upload(const QString &local_file, const QString &remote_file = QString::null);
   void SetTypeAscii();
   void SetTypeBinary();
   void ChangeDir(const QString &new_dir);
   void ListDir();
   void Rename(const QString &from, const QString &to);

   void Logout();
   QString GetErrorString(int result) const;

   /** This signal is emitted whenever the internal state machine changes.
     The result is the numeric FTP result code, if known. There are however a 
     few extra 'result' codes defined, for situations that do not apply to 
     FTP servers:
     800 Local file not found (upload)
     810 Server name not resolved
     811 Failed to connect to server
   void StateChange(int command, int new_state, int result, const QString &server_msg);

   /// Emitted when login was succesfull
   void LoggedIn();
   /// Emitted when login failed
   void LoginFailed();
   /// Emitted when the control connection was closed (either by us or the remote party)
   void ControlPortClosed();
   void TimeOut();
   void ListDirEntry(const QString &filename);

   /// Emitted every now and then to report on progress. Reports total amount of bytes transfered so far   
   void Progress(int offset);


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