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  \class CDeltaPanel
  \brief Registers a panel that calculates a 'delta' image from the videosource
  This panel takes a CVideoDevice as input and performs a diff on 
  each frame and it's previous frame.
#include "config.h"

#include "DeltaPanel.h" 

#include "video_asm.h"

  \fn CDeltaPanel::CDeltaPanel(CVideoDevice *video)
  \brief Constructor. Registers as panel "delta.yuv"
00023 CDeltaPanel::CDeltaPanel(CVideoDevice *video)
      : CCamPanel("delta.yuv", "Video delta-YUV", YUV420)
   pVideo = video;

// private

  \fn void CDeltaPanel::Calculate(int n, void *dst, void *src1, void *src2)
  \brief Calculate the differential of 2 src pointers.
  \param n Number of pixels; this is assumed to be multiple of 4.
  \param dst Destination buffer.
  \param src1 Source buffer 1.
  \param src2 Source buffer 2. This is substracted from src1.
  This function calls an assembly routine to quickly calculate the 
  difference of 2 image buffers. The images are assumed to be of 
  equal dimension, grayscale with a linear range from 0..255. src2
  is substracted from src1, and 128 is added as a virtual null point.
  The pointers to the buffers are only checked for being not NULL.
00047 void CDeltaPanel::Calculate(int n, void *dst, void *src1, void *src2)
   if (dst == NULL || src1 == NULL || src2 == NULL) 

#ifdef HAVE_MMX
   calc_diff128_mmx(n, dst, src1, src2);
   calc_diff128    (n, dst, src1, src2);
   // Non-assembly version
   int i;
   uchar *d, *s1, *s2;
   d = (uchar *)dst;
   s1 = (uchar *)src1;
   s2 = (uchar *)src2;
   for (i = 0; i < n; i++) {
      *d = (128 + (*s1 >> 1) - (*s2 >> 1));

// public

  \fn virtual void CDeltaPanel::UpdatePanel()
  \brief Calculates differential of Y, U and V images.

00083 void CDeltaPanel::UpdatePanel()
   void *dst, *pold, *pnew;
   int pixels;
   pixels = image_w * image_h;
   if (IsVisible() || IsUsed()) {
     pnew = pVideo->GetY(0)->bits();
     pold = pVideo->GetY(1)->bits();
     dst  = ImgY.bits();
     Calculate(pixels,      dst, pnew, pold);

     pnew = pVideo->GetU(0)->bits();   
     pold = pVideo->GetU(1)->bits();
     dst  = ImgU.bits();
     Calculate(pixels >> 2, dst, pnew, pold);
     pnew = pVideo->GetV(0)->bits();   
     pold = pVideo->GetV(1)->bits();
     dst  = ImgV.bits();
     Calculate(pixels >> 2, dst, pnew, pold);

     emit Updated();

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